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Welcome to the site devoted to bathroom sinks. There is no special need to tell anybody about the role of sinks, everybody of us has an idea what a huge role they play in our lives. But not everybody knows the history of origin of bathroom sinks, we seldom know what they are made of, what methods of installing are possible, the most well-known manufacturers. We decided to create a site which will provide you with answers for these and other questions. When choosing a usual sink we need to pay attention to many things which we haven’t ever thought of. Except from the size, color and shape we should think of the material, construction, installing method, producer and also choose a mixer tap and other accessories.

But we mustn’t forget about the outer look of the sink, which has to correspond to the interior of a bath by style. A purchase of a sink is an investment for many years; that is why much time should be devoted to choosing this product. Our site is specially created for such people who want to find an ideal sink without strain and time loss. On one site you will find a wide-range search system and all useful information about bathroom sinks. You can find a certain sink according to several criteria: price, producer, size, shape, color, style, material and other. Additionally you can get familiar with the history of sinks, the most widespread materials from which sinks are made, and also read about the most well-known manufacturers.

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bathroom sinks review

Bathroom sinks

The presence of sinks increases operating comfort of our bathroom. Today's manufacturers offer a wide range of wash basins, which differ in size, design, color, material, and other performance characteristics. Sinks review
bathroom sinks materials

Bathroom Sinks materials

There are new materials that produce durable sinks bathrooms. The most popular materials are ceramics, vitreous china, bamboo, stone, tempered glass, marble, copper, wood and many more. Sink materials
bathroom sinks types

Bathroom Sinks types

Looking for bathroom sink may seem difficult at first, but once you get to know all the styles, types, materials, and features available on the market it will be a piece of cake. You will know exactly what to look for, our role is to help you find exactly what you need. Sink Types
sinks installation

Bathroom Sinks installation

If to speak about the installation methods of bathroom sinks then the most common of them are: under mount, vessel, wall mount, drop in, pedestal, integrated sinks. Sink installation
sink inspirations

Bathroom Sink inspirations

Today sinks are not only a kind of plumbing equipment, but also a designer accessory for a bathroom. When choosing a sink we pay attention not only to its practicality and functionality but also to the outer look. Sink inspirations
bathroom sinks brands


One of the main criteria for choosing a bathroom sink is a sinks brand. Learn about the leading manufacturers of the bathroom sinks in the world. Brands