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Choosing of the sink manufacturer is as important as choosing the shape or size of the washbasin. At present there are hundreds of manufacturers of bathroom sinks. How do you know which is the best? In this article you could learn more about the leading sinks brands in the world. We will present you 4 the world's largest companies, which have a rich history and a wide variety of goods. On our website will find important information about global brands, their productive and innovative policy solutions in the manufacture of sinks and faucets.

sink brands

Your offer to heed such companies: Kohler, Kraus, Swanstone, American Standard. Most of these firms operating in the plumbing market of more than 100 years and supply their products to most countries of the world. Multiple winners of the various awards, giants of the bathroom sinks and faucets industry - these are just some facts about these manufacturers. Innovative products, their high quality and professional service - the hallmark of each of these manufacturers.

bathroom sinks types

Bathroom Sinks types

Looking for bathroom sink may seem difficult at first, but once you get to know all the styles, types, materials, and features available on the market it will be a piece of cake. You will know exactly what to look for, our role is to help you find exactly what you need. Sink Types
bathroom sinks materials

Bathroom Sinks materials

There are new materials that produce durable sinks bathrooms. The most popular materials are ceramics, vitreous china, bamboo, stone, tempered glass, marble, copper, wood and many more. Sink materials