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Bathroom sinks are the most important plumbing fixture in the bathroom. The presence of sinks increases operating comfort of our bathroom. Today's manufacturers offer a wide range of wash basins, which differ in size, design, color, material, and other performance characteristics. Important when choosing a sink is not only attractive, but also the practicality of such bathroom sinks. First of all bathroom sink should be comfortable to use and easy to clean. To sink to fit your needs should be familiar with several aspects of the design and the specifics of all the materials performance.

sink review

The first step is to identify the type of sink. Today you can purchase the following types of washbasins: corner, vessel sink, self-rimming, under counter, drop-in, wall mount,vanity top, pedestals. If you have limited space in your bathroom then the best option would be a corner sink, which is great saves. Wall mount sink attached to the wall with special brackets that are mounted so that they are either invisible or provide a design element. Under countertop sinks are designed for bathroom suites with a total top. Drop-in sinks are very easy to mount and win in the design. Washbasins with floor pedestal of the "tulip" successfully concealed fittings, as well as provide additional support product.

The most common material for sinks is ceramic, which is solid, hygienic and durable. The structure of enamel and silver are dirt repellent substances that are effective in preventing proliferation of microbes. Other equally popular materials include heavy-duty tempered glass, marble, steel, wood, silicone, stone, composite materials based on acrylic. Everyone can find the perfect sink for the bathroom, according to your taste and financial possibilities.

sink inspirations

Bathroom Sink inspirations

Today sinks are not only a kind of plumbing equipment, but also a designer accessory for a bathroom. When choosing a sink we pay attention not only to its practicality and functionality but also to the outer look. Sink inspirations
bathroom sinks materials

Bathroom Sinks materials

There are new materials that produce durable sinks bathrooms. The most popular materials are ceramics, vitreous china, bamboo, stone, tempered glass, marble, copper, wood and many more. Sink materials